FEE034 | The “Math” Behind A Successful Fee Based Financial Planning Practice


The “Math” Behind A Successful Fee Based Financial Planning Practice

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On this episode of Fee Based Financial Planning Mastery I’m going to talk about the math behind a successful fee based financial planning practice.

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“Items Mentioned In This Episode”

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  • MindMeister: Not only is this one of the most amazing pieces of software I have ever used, it is also cloud based so I can access it from anywhere.  It has an iPad app, iPhone app and it works seemlessly with my Google Apps account.  Whenever I run through a mind map with someone, they always ask, “Where did you get this amazing software from?”
  • The Strategic Coach: This is the greatest general business coaching program I have ever been involved with. At the time of this post, I am entering my 15th year. Awesome!
  • V2MOM – Podcast episode where I review everything you need to know about planning your best year ever using the V2MOM.
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4 Responses to “FEE034 | The “Math” Behind A Successful Fee Based Financial Planning Practice”

  1. Very interesting and informative topic. Definately….shapes of things to come.


  2. Excellent piece.

    I truly appreciate this.

    :) Geoff

  3. Andreas Beurling Reply July 8, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    Another brilliant “all things together” podcast. I really enjoyed this one. However here comes a bit of a thought on your breakdown on the numbers.

    Insurance comes out as the survival factor in case B and C regardless, and I think personally that the really ugly product sales methods are practiced related to insurance, at least from what I have run into in Mexico.

    I hate the A model, but I think there is still a potential dark cloud on the insurance commission side, and the calculations kind of depend on the insurance here.

    My idea is to go around this on the credibility side by waiving or rebating any commission generated on insurance as well, but perhaps add an insurance administration fee for the paperwork and co-ordination involved with setting up insurance plans. Any thoughts?

    • Yes, the insurance side of things is definitely an issue when it comes to fee based planning. The challenge in some provinces (at least here in Canada) is that we are not allowed to rebate commissions? So, until this is resolved, full disclosure is the closest we can get.


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