FEE013 | A Fee Based Financial Planners Best Investment


A Fee Based Financial Planners Best Investment

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In This Episode

In this episode, I’m going to talk about the best investments a fee based financial planner can make for the greatest ROI.

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Episode Transcript

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4 Responses to “FEE013 | A Fee Based Financial Planners Best Investment”

  1. Another great podcast Scott. Keep it up! Some great marketing ideas combined with the importance of identifying, naming and delivering your unique process.

    • Hi Dominic,
      Thanks. It’s important though to not get too overwhelmed during the process of building a fee based financial planning practice. There are a lot of moving parts. Always keeping an eye on the goal and taking one step at a time has always worked for me. Thanks for being a part of the fee based financial planning mastery community.


  2. This may not be the best place to ask this, but, I want to track down an agent/advisor that was my parents’ retirement consultant. I’m really frustrated over this at the moment because I want to work with the same agent I’m not seeing them in any of the local directories online. Carlton Financial Group – 106 Mission Ct #701 Franklin, TN 37067 phone (615) 794-2536 Does anyone know of a directory or service that I can use to search for them?

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