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It was 1993 when my branch manager at the time said to me “what are you doing wasting your time with this ‘Financial Planning’ stuff for?”.

This was his response to asking me what my business plan was for the year.

Oh, how things have changed – or should I say “are changing”.

Earlier this year, I’ve received the wonderful honour of being named one of Canada’s Top 50 Financial Advisors by Wealth Professional. It’s a huge achievement for me and it’s amazing to see how much my firm has grown since it was founded 1996. I’m most proud of how the firm has thrived as a fee-based financial planning practice.

Recently, I have also received the MoneySense Approved Financial Advisor designation from MoneySense, one of Canada’s leading personal finance media brands. I am extremely pleased to be honoured by such a respected organization in the money and investing field.

Ask 100 commission based financial advisors if they would like to run their practice using a fee-for-service type model and you will find that the majority of them would be in the affirmative.

However, ask those same 100 advisors how many have a plan in place to totally migrate their practice to this new model and the majority would not have the energy (or a clue) where to start.

This is the purpose of this site.  www.feebasedfinancialplanningmastery.com is here to provide a living, breathing community for those advisors who have:

  • successfully migrated their practice to a fee based one or
  • for the advisor looking for inspiration and the how-to details.

Either way, the common denominator is a community of quality advisors who are eager to see a change for the positive in this wonderful industry.

Sound interesting?

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This industry however has been hit hard by the media and the markets.

The traditional commission based advisory approach (the one that this industry has been built on) is beginning to show signs of stress.

For those with the same vision, we can make things better.  And, we can do so through this community by way of success stories and real-life experiences of journey’s from a commission based model to a fee-based one.

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